Held by the Association of Icelandic CrossFit Affiliates (CFSÍ), WOW Stronger is a new CrossFit competition that was held for the first time in 2017. WOW STRONGER is a CrossFit/Strongman competition that tests the strength and fitness of three-person teams (two male athletes and one female athlete), mixing together CrossFit and Strongman challenges. The first WOW Stronger competition was an invite-only Throwdown where some of the best CrossFit and Strongman athletes came together from all over the world to claim the title “WOW Stronger Champion”.

In this competition members of each team will have to work together and choose strategically which member takes on which challenge. For the heavy strongman challenges, they will choose their strongest member and for the speed challenges they might choose the lightest and quickest one. Versatility is absolute key.

WOW Stronger 2018

For the 2018 competition half of the event will be open so anyone can sign up with a team to try their strength in the same workouts as the elite athletes. The strongest teams from the open category will move on to compete against the strongest and fittest in the world the following day.